Welcome to the Swansboro Dance Studio!

We've updated our 2013 Fall Schedule.

We believe that every child has an “inner rhythm” and at Swansboro Dance Studio we strive to help each dancer find their own rhythm. We believe that a child should be exposed to a variety of activities and encouraged to pursue those that they truly enjoy. Dance, in a challenging, non-competitive atmosphere gives children, as well as adults, the opportunity to express themselves freely through music and movement. It enhances the ability to pursue individual goals and to work together as a group. It reinforces such skills as listening, counting, coordination, motor skills and musicality. Whether a child chooses to dance for many years or moves on to other interests, tapping that inner rhythm will provide life-long benefits. 

To register or for more information, call (910) 326-1152
or email swandancer@ec.rr.com

Swansboro Dance Studio
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